The format of the competition is Betterball Stableford.

Pairs can be made up of men, ladies or mixed pairs.

Initially it was stated that for every 20 pairs (40 players) one pair will qualify. Due to the tremendous support from the clubs and affiliated members it has been changed and now states: For every 15 Pairs (30 players) you will have one pair qualifying.
No, Any player having qualified and played in the World Finals may not qualify for the World Finals again for a period of TWO YEARS. They may, however, represent their club at the Regional Finals BUT MAY NOT attend the National Finals for a period of ONE YEAR.

Yes, the competition at club qualifying events is open to all pairs who are members at the club. A pair of players can consist of 2 men or 2 ladies or a mixed pair, 1 lady and one gent.

The only proviso is that no-one under the age of 18 is allowed to participate in the event.