Thank you for your interest and support in the Windhoek lager International Pairs competition. Our sponsor Windhoek Lager has decided to take an additional pair of players to the International Pairs World finals, but it is to be exclusively for a pair of ladies only.

We have ladies participating in the normal events at club qualifying level, either as a pair or in a mixed pair. This remains the same, but now ladies will get an additional opportunity.

We want to have a minimum of 1 exclusive ladies only qualifying event in each of the major regions of SA.

Ladies qualifying event:

a. A club will host the day which will be run ASM with their ladies section’s assistance.
b. The event is exclusive for ladies only.
c. All clubs in the region will be invited to send pairs of ladies (clubs can send more than 1 pair) to play in this qualifying event.
d. The competition format is any Pairs competition that results in a Pair of players
winning, conditioned to both players being able to enter the scores on the handicap system, thus no preferred drive etc.
e. The proviso is that 2 ladies from the same club must be playing together as they will represent their club should they win through to the next round/s.
f. No-one under 18 can compete.
g. All Ladies participating must have an official SAGA handicap index.
h. There is no limitation on the handicap index at the club qualifying event.
i. We would like to give more Ladies the opportunity to win through to the next
rounds, being the regionals, the SA Finals in Windhoek and the World Finals which will be in Portugal in 2019.
j. For every 20 Ladies participating we will allow 1 pair to go through to the Regionals. (this is normally 30 participants at club qualifiers)

The following applies:

a. This year we guarantee an additional 6 Ladies Pairs (12 players) spots at the SA
finals in Windhoek. This will be in addition to any Ladies who could qualify under normal conditions. All expenses for the ladies who win through to the Finals in Namibia will be paid by the sponsors.
b. These 6 Ladies Pairs will come from all the regionals being held across South Africa.

Time Line:

1. The Ladies Only qualifying event must take place before 31 May 2019.
2. Regionals will be held in June and July 2019.
3. The SA Finals in Windhoek will take place in August 2019.
4. The World Finals will take place in November in Portugal.


1. The competition fee from ASM for the event is R80.00 per player.

2. Each Player will receive a 2-ball sleeve of Callaway Super Soft branded balls and there could be some other surprises. Retail value at around R35.00 per ball currently – thus R70.00 in value.
3. Players will have to pay the club’s agreed green fees in addition to the competition entry
4. In addition, we will offer free “live scoring” on the day of the event.
5. The total value of the competition fee is exceeded by the freebies the players receive.

Should you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us Email: Tel: +27 81 311 1109